Imagination Drives Us

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Imagination is the world’s most valuable resource, because if something can be imagined, it can be created. Mazda is built on a foundation of imagination and ingenuity. It’s the fuel behind all we create and achieve.


SKYACTIV Technology – where engineering meets imagination

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SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is a comprehensive engineering program that has shaped the new generation of Mazda vehicles. SKYACTIV represents significant gains in fuel efficiency and emissions reduction, while keeping the Zoom-Zoom performance that’s in our DNA.

  1. Engine

    Revolutionary advances in both performance and efficiency

    Read moreSKYACTIV engine
  2. Transmissions

    Smooth, responsive and fun, yet achieving new levels of efficiency

    Read moreSKYACTIV transmission
  3. Body & chassis

    Lighter, stronger resulting in extraordinary agility, responsiveness and safety

    Read moreSKYACTIV-Chassis
  4. Pistons

    Lighter, smaller and with less friction enabling more energy from less fuel

    Read moreSKYACTIV piston
  5. Exhaust

    More torque and increased performance

    Read moreSKYACTIV exhaust
  6. Vehicle dynamics

    Integrated control of every element of the vehicle

SKYACTIV-G petrol engine

SKYACTIV-G petrol engine

SKYACTIV engines

SKYACTIV-G petrol engine

The SKYACTIV-G petrol engine features direct injection with a precise multi-hole injection system to minimise fuel use. Its high compression ratio and unique piston design promotes more effective fuel combustion – boosting power and lowering emissions. The innovative Dynamic Pressure Turbo in the SKYACTIV-G 2.5T direct injection turbocharged petrol engine adjusts boost pressure and airflow according to engine speed which overcomes traditional problems such as turbo lag.

SKYACTIV-G petrol engines are used in the MX-5, Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3 and CX-5. SKYACTIV-G 2.5T petrol engine is used in the CX-9.

SKYACTIV-D diesel engine

The SKYACTIV-D diesel engine has a lower compression ratio than conventional diesels which allows for much lighter internal components. The lighter engine reduces internal friction by 20%, enabling more responsive power delivery. Multi-hole piezo injectors and variable valve lift optimise engine economy.

The SKYACTIV-D diesel engine is available in Mazda6, CX-3 and CX-5.

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SKYACTIV transmissions


Developing the ideal automatic transmission saw Mazda focus on improved fuel economy and a direct pedal response that has the ability to shift gears smoothly, while delivering sporty acceleration.

SKYACTIV-Drive combines the best attributes of conventional automatics with those of continuously variable and dual clutch transmissions. This allows maximum driving fun with high efficiency. The SKYACTIV-Drive transmission also couples directly with the engine over a far wider rev range than other automatics. This delivers a significant improvement in fuel economy, plus a more direct, manual transmission-like power delivery and driving feel.

SKYACTIV-Drive transmission is used in MX-5, Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9.


With SKYACTIV-MT, Mazda has created a manual transmission that gives the light, crisp shifting feel of a sports car. Simplified internal design, plus close attention to the shift mechanisms, has delivered this responsive and sporting feel.

The SKYACTIV-MT is much more compact and much lighter than comparable manual transmissions. Match this with a significant reduction in friction and fuel economy is significantly improved.

SKYACTIV-MT transmission is used in MX-5, Mazda2, Mazda3, CX-5 and CX-5.

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SKYACTIV Body & Chassis


With new-generation design and materials, the SKYACTIV-Body achieves incredible lightness and rigidity. The underbody employs straight-frame construction, which runs uninterrupted through the framework to boost stiffness while saving weight. Increased use of high and ultra-high tensile steel throughout cuts weight, yet bolsters rigidity.


To develop the SKYACTIV-Chassis, Mazda engineers went back to the drawing board. To achieve a lighter, stronger car with extraordinary agility and nimble responsiveness our engineers re-considered everything - from the ground up.

Consequently every component of the SKYACTIV-Chassis has been re-designed. To achieve the desired nimble handling with superb bump absorption, the front strut and rear multi-link suspension use firmer bushings and a completely revised geometry. Both front and rear cross members offer impressive stiffness with low weight, thanks to an innovative welding method.

SKYACTIV-Chassis is used in MX-5, Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9.

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SKYACTIV pistons

Reimagining pistons

For Mazda, imagination has always been the voice of daring. New technologies are only achieved by those who challenge the existing.

Our engineers completely re-imagined the piston at the heart of an engine.

They wanted to create a piston that was lighter and smaller. A piston that developed less friction and allowed for more energy to be created while using less fuel. This would enable the engine to perform much more efficiently.

They successfully designed a cavity in the centre that allowed the combustion flame to grow without interference. The clever idea increased torque and contributed to a fuel efficiency improvement of up to 30%.

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SKYACTIV exhaust

SKYACTIV exhaust

SKYACTIV exhaust

Reimagining exhaust

The development of a more efficient engine was, in part, a result of the imaginative redesign of the exhaust system.

Looking to reduce engine knock, improve efficiency, offer more torque and increase performance, Mazda engineers moved away from the traditional 4-1 exhaust and developed a 4-2-1 exhaust system.

Now our engines have the highest compression ratio ever achieved in a mass production vehicle allowing for a significant up to 15% fuel saving.

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Reimagining vehicle dynamics

Part of the SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY series, SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS provide integrated control of the engine, transmission, chassis and body to enhance the car’s Jinba-ittai feel - a sense of oneness between car and driver that distinguishes Mazda vehicles.

The first technology in the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS series is G-Vectoring Control (GVC). This world-first technology enables more fluidity and accuracy than ever. By finely controlling engine torque based on the steering and accelerator inputs of the driver, GVC improves both handling for the driver and ride quality for passengers.

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KODO Design – where style meets imagination

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Throughout its history, Mazda has explored various design themes of motion. KODO Design captures the very instant energy becomes motion. It’s a fusion of functionality and beauty - the muscular vigour you see when an animal pounces. The sleek and aerodynamic lines of every Mazda is enhanced by this visionary design philosophy.


    The purest expression of KODO Design

    Full storyMazda SHINARI concept vehicle
  2. KOERU

    Going beyond for the new generation

    Full storyMazda KOERU concept vehicle
KODO Design sculpture
  1. Mazda SHINARI concept vehicle front
  2. Mazda SHINARI concept vehicle tail light
  3. Mazda SHINARI concept vehicle front interior
  4. Mazda SHINARI concept vehicle interior

SHINARI the purest expression of KODO Design

SHINARI introduced ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ to the world. This four-door, four-seat sports coupe concept demonstrates the smooth, yet dynamic lines that are an inherent part of KODO Design.

SHINARI has a sense of motion and aerodynamic form, even when standing still. It perfectly expresses the theme of motion in a graceful and carefree form.

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  1. Mazda MINAGI concept vehicle side
  2. Mazda MINAGI concept vehicle interior

MINAGI exploring the depths of KODO Design

MINAGI offers a vision of KODO Design that is different to SHINARI, yet it shares the same sinuous, powerful stance. For MINAGI – which created the CX-5 – Mazda designers looked at cheetahs while they hunted.

They set out to evoke the moment when an animal contracts its muscles – ready to sprint and lunge at its prey.

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  1. Mazda TAKERI concept vehicle side
  2. Mazda TAKERI concept vehicle dashboard
  3. Mazda TAKERI concept vehicle headlight

TAKERI design and innovation evolves

TAKERI advances further from the powerful stance of MINAGI. A concept car that explores the vast possibilities of KODO, TAKERI brings a new level of strength and allure to sedan styling.

TAKERI translated directly into the successful development of Mazda6 and Mazda3.

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  1. Mazda HAZUMI concept vehicle front
  2. Mazda HAZUMI concept vehicle back
  3. Mazda HAZUMI concept vehicle interior
  4. Mazda HAZUMI concept vehicle side

HAZUMI the shape of things to come

HAZUMI exhibits the best of Mazda technology, innovation and design. This concept car refuses to bow to the conventions of the subcompact class or compromise in any area of Mazda vehicle engineering. The Mazda HAZUMI indicates the ideal form of Mazda’s next-generation subcompact car.

By packing in the powerful and dynamic movements of KODO, Mazda has given the HAZUMI distinctive exterior styling and an athletic physique reminiscent of a small animal leaping into motion. It’s KODO, in its most highly concentrated form yet.

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  1. Mazda KOERU concept vehicle side
  2. Mazda KOERU concept vehicle interior
  3. Mazda KOERU concept vehicle headlight

KOERU going beyond

KOERU is the latest embodiment of KODO Design which means “go beyond” and “exceed” in Japanese.

A name fitting for Mazda’s newest foray into the growing crossover SUV market, KOERU aims to explore the distinct lines of KODO Design for the next generation of Mazda vehicles.

Unveiled in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the concept car represents the power and vitality of a wild animal while maintaining a sense of refined dignity.

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  1. Mazda RX-VISION concept vehicle front
  2. Mazda RX-VISION concept vehicle side
  3. Mazda RX-VISION concept vehicle driver interior
  4. Mazda RX-VISION concept vehicle passenger interior

RX-VISION a vision for the future

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2015, RX-VISION represents the future of Mazda’s rotary-powered sports motoring, the RX series.

Lean and muscular, RX-VISION brings Mazda’s signature KODO Design to a whole new level. The low-slung coupe features a long, low bonnet and short rear overhang. The stunning shape is further enhanced with sleek headlamps that cut through the bonnet.

Under the hood, RX-VISION features the next generation SKYACTIV-R rotary engine that aims to improve power output, fuel economy and durability. This evolution of the rotary engine is a symbol of the company’s “never-stop-challenging” spirit.

As the only car maker to mass produce the rotary engine, RX-VISION is a testament to our commitment to innovation.

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i-ACTIVSENSE Technology – where peace of mind meets imagination

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For Mazda, safety is always at the forefront. i-ACTIVSENSE is a suite of revolutionary technologies that make our cars smarter and safer. We’ve created detection devices in milliwave radars and cameras to help recognise hazards and avoid collisions.

  1. i-ACTIVSENSE Mazda Radar Cruise Control

    Mazda Radar Cruise Control (MRCC)

    Radar cruise control uses radar to monitor the car ahead, and automatically adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance.

    Watch MRCC video
  2. i-ACTIVSENSE Driver Attention Alert

    Driver Attention Alert (DAA)

    Driver Attention Alert can help improve the safety of longer distance journeys by monitoring your attentiveness. It measures the vehicle’s distance to lane markings, steering angle, speed and trip duration while you drive and if anything abnormal occurs, the system recommends a break.

    Watch DAA video
  3. i-ACTIVSENSE Adaptive LED Headlamps

    Adaptive LED Headlamps (ALH)

    Individual control of several LEDs allows precise adjustment of the lighting pattern. The system automatically broadens visibility at low speeds, shapes the high beam to help avoid dazzling other drivers, and raises beam height at highway speeds to extend vision area.

    Watch ALH video
  4. i-ACTIVSENSE Smart Brake Support

    Smart City Brake Support Forward/Reverse (SCBS F/R)

    SCBS helps prevent or soften the impact of low speed collisions. It monitors the vehicle in front to assess if a collision is likely. If it detects risk, it primes the brakes and can even brake automatically if you don’t. The system also works when reversing.

    Watch SCBS video
  5. i-ACTIVSENSE Lane Departure Warning

    Lane Departure Warning (LDW) & Lane-Keep Assist System (LAS)

    A windscreen-mounted camera monitors road lane markings and provides an audible alert if you’re about to stray from your lane. The intuitive technology of LAS intervenes in steering operation if it detects inattention and assists you to stay in the centre of your lane safely.

    Watch LDW videoWatch LAS video
  6. i-ACTIVSENSE Blind Spot Monitoring

    Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM)

    By scanning external mirrors’ blind spots up to 50m, this system warns of any obscured vehicles to help you avoid making hazardous lane changes.

    Watch BSM video
  7. i-ACTIVSENSE Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)

    RCTA assists you when you’re reversing from a parking space, warning if a car is approaching from either side of your vehicle.

    Watch RCTA video
  8. i-ACTIVSENSE Forward Obstruction Warning

    Forward Obstruction Warning (FOW) & Smart Brake Support (SBS)

    By monitoring the distance of the vehicle in front and its speed, FOW senses if a collision is possible. It prompts you to take evasive action via a warning sound and visual alert. If the system senses a high risk of impact, working at speeds up to 160km SBS applies initial pressure to the brakes to give you faster response should you brake. If you take evasive action the system de-activates. If no evasive action is taken, the brakes are applied automatically.

    Watch FOW & SBS video
  9. i-ACTIVSENSE Traffic Sign Recognition

    Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR)

    The Traffic Sign Recognition System recognises Stop, No Entry and speed limit signs using the forward-sensing camera while driving. The detected speed limit is shown on the Active Driving Display. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, the traffic sign indication on the display flashes 3 times and a warning sound alerts the driver. The system provides constant safe driving support by preventing the driver from overlooking important traffic signage.

i-ACTIVSENSE Radar Cruise Control video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Driver Attention Alert video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Adaptive LED Headlamps video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Smart Brake Support video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Lane Departure Warning video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Lane Keep Assist video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Blind Spot Monitoring video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Rear Cross Traffic Alert video poster
i-ACTIVSENSE Forward Obstruction Warning video poster


MZD Connect – where technology meets imagination

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Imagination enables Mazda to take an inventive leap in every direction. With the MZD Connect intuitive interface, you can now experience the next generation of in-vehicle connectivity.

MZD Connect screen 1
  1. MZD Connect communication screen
  2. MZD Connect entertainment screen
  3. MZD Connect navigation screen
  4. MZD Connect settings screen
  1. Connect

    Simply link your smartphone and MZD Connect gives you access to your music, contacts and social networks all from a single screen – receive texts, make calls* and check Twitter.

  2. Entertain

    Get access to a whole world of entertainment. Pandora®, Aha™ and Stitcher™ are all built into MZD Connect’s interface. Simply connect your phone using Bluetooth® and start listening.

  3. Navigate

    MZD Connect does more than just accurately get you to your destination. It keeps you informed with updates to the latest maps - free for three years*.

  4. Personalise

    All your radio stations, favourite contacts and regular destinations. MZD Connect remembers the things you like, and makes sure that they are always easy to reach.

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